Commercial HVAC Systems Installed in Altoona, PA

Also Serving Cambria, PA

Commercial HVAC equipment in Altoona, PA
With nearly four decades of experience behind them, count on Air Management Inc., based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, to provide you with professional commercial refrigerator installation and repair. Ours is an HVAC company, so dynamic fan balancing and vibration analysis are other aspects of our business.

Refrigeration Service

This heating and ventilating contractor keeps your commercial refrigeration systems cool with our service, repairs, and installation. We work on any system, including those with component parts or upgrades.

Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Prevent breakdowns and costly repairs by signing a preventive maintenance agreement with us. Our technician comes out every 3 months—or a schedule of your choosing—to make sure your system is working properly.

Dynamic Fan Balancing & Vibration Analysis

Our company uses specialized computerized equipment to dynamically balance fans and control vibration issues. This air-balancing system service can be done at your location. It usually takes 1 day to complete the process.

Contact us today in Johnstown, Pennsylvania for the expertise to repair your commercial system quickly and efficiently.